Vern scharf / gigantic industries


Welcome to the saga.

Vern Scharf, Southern California native. Went to Art Center, afterward got a job

as an Art Director at a large agency on the 22nd floor where he flew paper and

balsa aircraft off the roof at lunch. Drew and drew storyboards and designed ads,

did commercials for all the greats, Gallo, Carnation, Gulf, California Avocados.

Moved north to join the riot that was the Silicon Valley. Did a few agencies, and

then went to the siren that is freelance.

My strengths and skills should be in the following list:

•  Wicked advertising concepts.

•  Advertising Design

•  Art Direction

•  Graphic Design

•  Logo Design

•  Package Design

•  Concept sketches

•  Finished Illustration

•  Storyboards

Check out my stuff.

All of this at 831 462 2005 or at


advertising, graphic design,  whatever it takes